Tuesday, March 4, 2014


This cake was a memorable cake for me and my 1st bad experience....May Allah give guidance to me and "Pn Lynda" to the straight path...

This cake was ordered on 3.2.2014 (Sunday)...with her soft voice a last minute order...bagging me to bake this cake for her daugther's birthday. Then, i agree to accept the order.

She make a misscommunication about delivery place...a small arguement tookplace with me. At the end, left this cake at Hosp Louders reception counter because i need to rush to Seremban sending my son back to his school.

Untill now "Pn Lynda" never call me again regarding the payment...my dua is, "Almigthy...you are most merciful...please guide us to a straight path...Amin"

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